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Learning Assessment

A cognitive assessment, more commonly referred to as an "IQ test", provides an indication of an individual's ability to think and reason. A cognitive assessment can help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an individual and how to best support them across different environments, including in the classroom.

We also offer assessment to explore Specific Learning Disorder's. SLDs occur in the areas of reading (dyslexia), written expression (dysgraphia) and mathematics (dyscalculia). Difficulties in these area are generally unexpected relative to the person's intellectual ability and achievement in other area's of learning.


A key criteria for assessing SLD's includes an evaluation of how well the student has responded to a minimum of six months’ intervention targeted at his/her area of weakness (DSF, 2023).

Assessment for dyslexia typically involves a cognitive assessment and specific academic assessment (e.g. literacy and numeracy). 

Additional information:

Developmental history

A detailed developmental history provides additional information to inform your child's profile. This can include discussing early developmental milestones, academic progress and current concerns.


cognitive (IQ) assessment

A cognitive assessment provides an overview of the way a person thinks and reasons. Key areas of focus include Verbal Comprehension, Visual Spatial, Fluid Reasoning, Processing Speed and Working Memory skills. Your clinician will discuss which assessment option is most appropriate for your child based on age and language ability. 


academic assessment

Further assessment of literacy and numeracy skills may be appropriate when exploring underlying specific learning difficulties. These assessments can provide further insight into your childs specific areas of difficulty across reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy.  


feedback session

A feedback session to discuss the results of the assessment process will be arranged, generally within two weeks of the final session. 

Fee: $1,100 (cognitive assessment only);

Fee: $1,750 (cognitive and academic assessment)

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