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Autism is a condition which impacts the way a person perceives and engages with the world around them. It is defined by deficits in social communication and restricted, repetitive behaviours. 

Autism is also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder. The term ‘Spectrum’ was adopted in 2013 to reflect the wide range of characteristics, skills and abilities people with Autism can demonstrate. It is present from birth and is a lifelong condition.

Assessment for Autism involves a multidisciplinary team, typically involving a paediatrician or psychiatrist alongside a psychologist, speech pathologist and/or occupational therapist. 

At Little Minds Psychology, we strive for a neurodiversity affirmative approach to best support your child. 

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Clinical interview

A detailed developmental history will be conducted alongside a diagnostic interview based on the DSM-5 criteria. This section of the assessment is conducted with the parent only and provides detailed insight into your child's early years and current behaviour. Where appropriate, adolescents are welcome to participate in this section to provide their own voice to the assessment process. 


Behaviour screeners

A selection of behaviour screeners can be provided to the parent and teacher to provide further information on your child's social communication and independent functioning skills. 

*Additional cognitive assessment may be recommended to better inform your child’s profile.


autism diagnostic observation schedule (ados-2)

The ADOS-2 is a semi-structured, standardised assessment instrument that includes many play-based activities designed to obtain information in the areas of communication, reciprocal social interactions, and restricted and repetitive behaviors associated with a diagnosis of Autism. It is considered the 'gold standard' in autism assessment.



A feedback session to discuss the results of the assessment process will be arranged, generally within two weeks of the final session. 


Please note, not all assessment for autism results in a diagnosis. A thorough and comprehensive report with relevant recommendations and any alternative diagnosis will be provided.

ADOS-2 only fee: $1,400

ADOS-2 + cognitive assessment fee: $1,800

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